Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Civil Partnership Day!

3 couples are registering their partnerships at Belfast City Hall this morning. Outside Belfast City Hall there are protestors and supporters. Hope the couples have a great day and enjoy their hard won and well deserved rights. Loved the idea of the t-shirts that some were thinking of wearing saying 'Beat Elton to it.' (Northern Ireland is the first place in the UK to have the ceremonies) However I think the first ceremony has a 1920's Bugsy Malone theme. Am off to catch the pictures on Sky News.

Coverage from southern journalists of the event keeps repeating that legislation will be introduced in the Republic next year. Since there has been no consultation by the government with those affected (ie. lesbians and gay men) we can't tell if this legislation will be as encompassing as the UK Civil Partnerships Act. McDowell is the Minister involved - he does not believe that same sex couples want marriage or anything close to it. The last known comments from him talked about a list of rights that couples could pick from - and of course we won't mention the children. As far as I can make out most legislators don't think about lesbian and gay families when talking about partnership rights.

Parity of esteem with our sisters and brothers 100 miles away would be good Minister. I for one won't be holding my breath waiting for it.


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