Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tech talk

So someone talk to me about tags and stuff and how to do it and why etc.? Technorati ones and otherwise? Or point me in the direction of something not too techy to read about it all.
In other news I now enjoy the wonders of wireless broadband. Why did I wait so long for such blissful surfing freedom!


At 15:08, Anonymous Piaras Kelly said...

Basically tagging posts is all to do with this new thing called social search. There's two aspects to it.

The first of which is so that people with similar interests can find things easier. I blog about Public Relation so I lable most of my posts PR. Therefore anyone else interested in PR can go to Technorati and see what everyone is saying about Public Relations. I sub to the PR tag because I come across content that I might not necessarily otherwise.

The second reason is more important. It's to do with how pages are ranked. When you type something like love into a search engine, it doesn't understand the concept of love so it's literally grabbing everything it sees. If I was posting about falling in love though I could tag it love, thus giving the content a more accurate reflection and making it easier for people to find it.

It's a marketer's wet dream because they have a better chance to see what everyone is writing aboutt heir company and competitors.

I blog using ecto, a desktop blog publishing tool, that automatically lets me incorporate tags. I'm sure there are plug ins, but not sure what is available for Blogger

At 19:21, Blogger Suzy said...

Thanks Piaras, I have downloaded w.blogger as a freebie and am going to give it a go. I take it I create my own tag labels and then apply them to the posts as I choose.

At 10:03, Anonymous morgan said...

Tagging is good, it'll put your posts in relevant categories at Does the freebie you downloaded let you create archives for posts in each category? TypePad (where I am) does, but I pay a little for it, too.

Congrats on the wireless broadband. An early xmas present? :)

At 10:29, Blogger F said...

Tagging...I am ctrap at it, cannot figure out the technorati ones at all although I do use delicious which is very simple and ... almost .... idiot proof, therefore perfect for me!!

and the wonders of wireless...congratulations!!


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