Thursday, December 15, 2005

He Shoots...He Scores...Twice!

Just spent the morning reading and watching Liverpool play in the Club World Championships. (worthless money making mini tournament in Japan between winners of various continental club championships)

Anyway Peter Crouch scored twice making it 3 goals this season. He is the most awkward, unlikely, ungraceful footballer I have ever seen. But he scored, and 'the pool' are in the final on Sunday.

(And apologies to the gay male readership (and non soccer commited dykes) for another soccer related post! Unless you find Mr. Crouch vaguely attractive - and then I would have to question your good taste index!)


At 20:14, Anonymous Damien Mulley said...

I used to follow soccer and comment on it, but I'm gay now so that's not allowed is it Suzy? :) Says so in the handbook.

At 20:49, Blogger Suzy said...

Well the number of times meetings have been organised by gay men on the night of a international match etc.... And I have had remarks made to me before by some gay readers of the blog that they don't understand what I am talking about when I blog soccer. I only know one gay man who is a soccer nut (and liverpool fan to boot) so it would be a pleasure to blog/comment about soccer with you. You found other gay men also breaking the rule??

At 21:19, Anonymous Damien Mulley said...

I've not found a lot to be honest and many only seem to be interested in the soccer kit aspect. *shudders*

More a rugby fan than soccer though but not watching TV means it is very hard to keep up with either sport.

Christ though, how bland would your blog be if you didn't talk about everything that interests you?

At 16:45, Blogger London Denizen said...

Actually it's four: the Dubious Goals Committee gave him the first one he scored in the Premiership, which was a dubious decision indeed: the goalkeeper punched it into his own net, and before that the ball had taken a ninety degree deflection off another player. But who'll deny him the odd goal?


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