Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ireland's dual systems of Justice

All I can keep thinking about is GUBU, (no, not the pub, or Sarah's GUBU - worth a read!, but the other GUBU) tapped phones, Sean Doherty and the bad old days. Yesterday's interview by McDowell on the News at One filtered through to me about 3.30, I could not believe what I was hearing - he admitted leaking documents to the Independent. (You can read the transcript of the interview in the Indo here -registration required).
He's lost the plot thought I, yeah everyone knew he leaked them to Sam Smyth but he's going round bragging about it? So now we have two justice systems - the one organised by the DPP and McDowell's version. If there is not enough evidence to prosecute under the DPP's version and the constitution don't worry Michael will fix it, use Dáil privilege and his friends in the meeja.

Red Rover has an excellent post on the issue, and I'm off to listen to Vincent Browne who I missed last night and can only imagine how compelling he was in full flight. Listen to Fergus Flood's interview on Morning Ireland on the RTE website later on today if you get a chance. Update: Listen to it on Real player here.

Reaction to what McDowell had said was slow but after this morning's radio I predict that one should tune in to the new Oireachtas Live about 2.30pm this afternoon as this might just get a little interesting.

Ah yes the Minister that the gay community (the mostly male version) decided to invite to open the lesbian and gay film festival. Ok so I don't like him, and now have more reason not to like him and his policies now. It would help if Connolly was more forthcoming or someone produced something else to illuminate the situation and help McDowell on his way back to the Law Library or the house in Roscommonn. However I fear this matter is one that excites the journalists and the Anti-McDowell faction, the public won't and don't understand it. By the time the Anorak gets up and backs him later on today it might all be over.


At 13:05, Blogger Cian said...

I think your final suspicions may be correct. An issue like this is one that serves McDowells own created image of tough man in the eyes of the electorate.
I reckon it was calculated as such since his leak was never going to further the DPP case.
Still, if there is any decency left in our system he will be made accountable.
I wont hold my breath though.

At 16:57, Blogger Sarah said...

Vincent Browne was great last night! Nora Owen in particular was priceless. She was being such a bitch but soooooooo nice and polite about it.
Q&A is also worth downloading. My favourite moment was when RoberT Ballagh (a snakin' regarder if ever there was one) pointing at Sam Smyth accusing him of being a hired gun! Great stuff.

At 02:11, Blogger Suzy said...

Smyth and Ballagh were not far from spitting at each other on Q and A. Great stuff indeed. And I loved the Nora Owen does schoolmarm on VinnyB. Village might be worth a read on Thursday. Prime Time tonight is not uploaded yet on the RTE site - I see that Auntie Nora was on again.


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