Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Engine is derailed

So Ivor resigned or was kicked and was allowed to say he resigned to save face. His interview on Pat Kenny this morning was insufferable - listen here. Loads of stuff of having to consider his position for the good of his family who were now being dragged into it etc. etc.
What I am surprised at (and maybe should not be given it involves Fianna Fáil) is that it took until 2005 for stories about Ivor to get out beyond Donnycarney. Obviously I can't repeat the many others I know about him here (See who's been reading her Digital Rights Ireland pamphlet!). But his constituency operation was definitely a solo run rather than party run machine, it was always a tight race out there. Taxi drivers were significant as was in party faction fighting. There have not been many mentions in the profiles and column inches of his race politics flurries either on issues of asylum and immigration.
Of course he will probably top the poll again in 2007, 3 seater and all. However maybe the sources for the stories in the last few weeks (which must be close to home given the details) have only just begun?


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