Friday, December 02, 2005

The source for the copping out comments....?

I think this is the article that influenced Mary Robinson's recent concerns on educated women 'copping out' of the workplace in the USA. I am not sure if other people have sourced this already or if the MSM in Ireland had already noticed it. My MSM reading is very limited these days. (quelle supris!) Anyway the article may interest some and help see where MR is coming from.


At 19:35, Blogger -Ann said...

The interesting thing about that article is that it interviews (almost exclusively, if memory serves - I read it back when it came out), young women in college.

I'd love to see the reporter or the newspaper go back to these women in 10 years time and see what's actually happened to them. Have they gotten married? Have they had kids? Are are they working so hard they barely have time to shower let alone meet men worth dating?

I know what I thought my life was and wasn't going to be like when I was 20 or 22. Heck, if you had asked me last year if I'd ditch a perfectly good life and move half way around the world to live with my in-laws and start over in a new country, I'd looked at you as though you'd grown another head.

The point is, intentions are just that - intentions. You have no idea what the reality is going to be like. And anecedotal evidence is also just that - you again have no idea what the reality actually is.


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