Monday, December 12, 2005

Shopping rage...

There I was thinking I was lucky to have some work this week. However so far today I have missed my footing twice on an escalator. (stayed upright!) and the queues for the tills are horrendous. (And I have had to queue) Don't they all have somewhere else to be on a Monday afternoon, 2 weeks before xmas.?

One thing I would say is please let older people have more time at a till, let them jump queues and stop tutting when they get confused about their PIN number. The bitching I heard from waiting customers about one woman in her 70's who was spending longer at a till today was horrendous. She had bought one item and had a query about another, so between the paying and the asking and the getting of the second item and then paying for that she took a while. But there were 3 other tills open, the queue moved quick enough and wait another 40/45 years and it could be you. Or will we still be queuing in shops 2 weeks before xmas buying things for people we don't want to really give pressies to and stuff they don't need anyway.


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