Friday, January 06, 2006


George Bush spent some time with some grown up politicians today - former US secretaries of state and defence.

Pat Robertson says that Sharon had his stroke because he was 'dividing Gods land.'

Have a look at the Lib Dem blog aggregator to see what Liberal Democrat bloggers make of Charles Kennedy's admission to a drink problem and leadership election strategy. The first place I turned to when I heard the news today was Technorati to see what bloggers were saying. Interesting self reflection moment there. Oooer Michael Lenehan is worried at the development of blogs (and what a whine!).

Ian Dale comments on the role of ITN's chief political correspondent and former Lib Dem press secretary, Daisy McAndrew. A case of the minder turning assasin? I wondered where she came from when I saw her commentating on the ITN news during the party conference season.

Liverpool sign talented Dutch defender today. He's not bad on the eye either and I think a few of the girlies like him (and a few of the lads). All I want to know is if he'll help keep a clean sheet.


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