Sunday, January 08, 2006

Oh Mary!

Just the type of media debate you don't want. In her victory speech in Athlone tonight Mary O'Rourke commented that her election team 'worked like blacks'. You can watch it here.
This from the Aunt of Conor 'Kebab' Lenehan. No amount of 'I just mean they worked very hard.' is going to wash here at all. Cue many Fianna Fáilers joining Anti Racism campaigns to distance themselves (not). Expect many accusations of Liberal Dublin 4 meeja bias or something... and cue calls to Joe on Liveline...


At 22:22, Blogger Dermod said...

Thanks for posting that link, Suzy.

I find it encouraging - there were instant gasps and moans from the crowd when she made the gaffe, which tells me that you can't get away with that sort of stupidity in Ireland any more.


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