Friday, August 18, 2006

Tubridy and his problem.

Ah he is back from his holidays and it does not take long for Ryan Tubridy's thoughts to turn to telling us how being gay is not an issue in Ireland anymore.


As regular readers of Maman Poulet will know Ryan's been here before.


Talking to Anna Nolan this morning Ryan attempted to gloss over the gay thing because it's not an issue. He said he could not understand why one needs a gay pride march in Sligo. Anna said being gay was still an issue and pointed out that same sex public displays of affection - handholding - would be something that most gay couples would think twice about.


He kept off the ' gay thing' for the rest of his interview with Anna, and then the phonecalls and texts started. Callers pointed out why gay pride was needed, about homophobia in rural Ireland and about gay bashing. Ryan said he did not know about the rise in attacks against young gay men when one texter pointed this out to him. It was a real case of if ' I didn't know about it then it must not be an issue but thanks for telling me anyway.'


Anne rang in - a parent of a gay woman. She like many parents who support parents of lesbians and gay men was one of the best advocates for lesbian and gay rights I have heard in a long time. She put Ryan right without making it sound like we queers are societies misfortunate's - she pointed out that we are not them and they but we are all us. She talked about why coming out is still an issue, the bullying and violence that happens in schools and elsewhere, why we need Pride marches, why our relationships deserve recognition, and why society needs to cop on. 


Ryan was still thinking it was all a bit too much fuss. He then asked about how Anne felt when her daughter came out to her. Anne said she already knew and ' She came out of my belly gay.'  That is a T-shirt slogan in the making!  And he did not believe that young people could know they were gay or lesbian at 12 or 13.  Anne pointed out that maybe Ryan was looking at girls at that age - Ryan said yes but it was too young for gay people to know as they were not formed yet.


You could feel Ryan was not comfortable being told by a woman who was articulate and opinionated and able to match him point for point. When he was not getting anywhere you could see he was glad to end the conversation.


Each time gay issues are raised on the Tubridy show, Ryan tries to dismiss the issue, more people are responding and telling him he is the one that is misguided and not the lesbians and gay men and their allies. Each time he fails to get it.


You can listen to Anne's call here (link good for the next 2 days) - it's 1hour 14 minutes into the programme, Anna Nolan's interview is earlier  in the programme - about 18 minutes in.


And I think some banners for Ryan's attention are needed for NorthWest Pride next week.  You can find out more about the events to take place at in Sligo here and the theme Straight but not Narrow, which calls on heterosexual allies to support lgbt's is more relevant than ever.


At 19:05, Anonymous Sean R said...

LOL! Don't you just love it when people quirm like that, but when, as you say, "Ryan said he did not know about the rise in attacks against young gay men when one texter pointed this out to him" it points to a serious sshortcoming for a leading journalist - need to get out of the Montrose bubble or is that some other container?

At 21:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair play to the producer for taking the call and deciding to put it on air with Tubridy.

What I am going to listen for is the message he read out on air near the end of the programme, where a caller/ texter/ emailer said that 12 is too young for people to decide that they are gay. Why does nobody ever phone these shows saying that 12 is too young an age to decide you are heterosexual?


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