Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bank Holiday Links

The second last bank (public) holiday weekend before Christmas beckons. Before I head off to watch some of what is on offer at Look Out - The Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, I thought I'd leave ye some reading/watching!

  • Dick Roche's worst nightmare if he ever resurrected those e-voting machines. There are primary elections in the US next week and Marty Kaplan helpfully lets voters know how to tamper the Diebold Voting machines that have been so controversial in US elections. (ok so our systems are different but who is to say they can't be similarly addled!)
  • I found out about Read My Day over at Antonia Bance's blog. The project encouraged UK councillors to blog and connect with their constituents. Antonia is a councillor in Oxford and reported on a presentation about the project.

Griff also talked about how blogging adds believability and makes the officeholder appear a real person, and how the discipline of recording what you are doing helps clarify your thinking, and allows you to chronicle how you form your opinions on issues.

  • I watched the pilot of Aaron Sorkin's successor to the West Wing this morning, it is so good that I was late for the train. Damien has all the links to Studio 60 - Amanda Peet is indeed hot. It's about TV executives not Presidents but the writing is excellent and some old WW faces also star.
  • The Podcast is up and running. Pat Rabbitte is the first interviewee. Listen/Download etc. here.


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