Thursday, July 27, 2006


With the US mid term elections beckoning, including ballots on same sex marriage or more correctly defining marriage as between a man and women, and court cases on same sex marriage producing results (all against so far) on a weekly basis, more money is being pumped into same sex marriage campaigns. This funding is now becoming a contentious issue amongst lgbt activists as other issues including employment protection are being left to one side. (more about this in a later post.)

This ad is doing the rounds of mailing lists - it was first shown 2 years ago according to the information found here and was part of this years Media that Matters Festival in New York.


At 03:16, Anonymous morgan said...


I just saw this on Damien's site - for some reason the link doesn't work properly here.

Tis good.

At 03:17, Anonymous morgan said...

it doesn't work in my browser, I should add...

At 12:13, Blogger Suzy said...

doesn't work here anymore either...hmmmm


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