Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Podcast at Irish Election

The first podcast (discussion type) at Irish Election is up. You can hear yours truly amongst others pontificating on the Greens and the FF attempt of wooing, Coalitions in various flavours and public spending.

The sound is a bit woozy, we were skypeing from all parts of the Island but its good stuff and interesting to hear the voices behind the blogs.  Well done to Cian and Simon and may it be the first of many!

Download it here.


At 10:04, Anonymous simon said...

ya Have to work on the old sound. Tis all a learning experience I guess. Give it time and we hopefully it will sound top notch

At 11:00, Blogger Kevin Breathnach said...

I agree Simon. It's a learning experience for all involved. Where else would most of us find a medium in which to practice as a speaker etc. For that alone, I'm very grateful to yourself and Cian.


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