Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday's Links

  • Richard's back blogging and looking for articles.


  • I emailed Blacknight with a sales query last Thursday and have not heard back yet. Do you think if I blog about it I might get a reply?  Potential Customer here, come get me! I know Michele is looking for sales staff so maybe that's the issue.


  • The Stranger gives us tips on how to tie up anti-gay dollars by ordering free stuff from Focus on the Family. Wonder where we could apply the tips in Ireland? (Hat Tip:Feministe)


  • Ryan Tubridy is still getting his Lesbian and Gay Identity in Ireland 101 Course. More coverage on Tuesday's programme is due so I hear.


At 10:41, Anonymous Sean R said...

Thanks for the heads up on that MP. I'm a Ryan virgin, having never tuned in b4 - he's no Gaybo, just trotting through it all.

On Tubridy shortly (writing at 10.08am Tues) is a upcoming item on Gay Pride... The subject of being gay is "rumbling on"?? Tubridy fields text comments.

Izzy on now: critiques how RT doesn't "get" pride. R puzzled about need for Pride. Izzy articulates the problems of public space for lesbians and the ongoing danger of violence and harrassment.

R asking about differing viewpoints of pride. Izzy takes view of needing to 'fly the flag'. Better off to be open and avoid secrecy as far as possible. But many people are still terrified about disclosure. Ryan notes there's a group of gays who dont feel the need to be politicised [Who Ryan?]. Live and let live. [Sorry for the gloss as I type]

While Ryan deflects any comments about knowing gay issues. Ryan is going to follow up the 'gay thing' tomorrow... with a panel! Izzy ends up suggesting meeting up in a gay pub for a drink! Good piece. Lets see what happens demain.

At 11:58, Blogger EWI said...

You can apply it easily enough! A you may note over at my own blog, FOF are active here too...

At 13:27, Anonymous Sean R said...

Not clear what Ewi means,the link to the blog led me nowhere. FOF =?

Maman Poulet, were you listening to Ryan this morning?

At 13:35, Blogger Suzy said...

Hi Lads (!)

Sean EWI means focus on family - they are active in Ireland alright...

And yes I was listening this morning and have already applied for the postiion of ticket seller for those who want to watch Izzy take Ryan out for a pint in a gay bar. Money to be made there!!!

Seriously it was a great piece and brought out even more issues on lesbian and gay life in Ireland. I am looking forward to marching on Saturday more than I would in other Pride marches - hopefully there will be a great turn out.

And on tomorrow's programme we have more discussion - Ryan is still looking to be told it really is alright to be gay and its a lot of auld fuss really so we'll see what sort of panel he sets up.

At 15:02, Anonymous Sean R said...

Wouldn't make a great play "Izzy and Ryano do pints" - LOL.

I thought about Ryan in the shower before I head off to the hospital (that didn't come out right, did it?) I think he's in the horns of a dilemma facing many men who seek to engage with gay masculinity politics and lesbian politics - there's a real stigma for men who are "seen with" gays, and fear being gay by extension. While many of the women on SI (I read it for the great news discussions) are sometimes scathing about his off-hand unsupportive remarks, I think he's struggling with unfamiliar culture (i.e. US). I have a tape somewhere of a Marion F programme about rural gays, and she also started with the premise that things should be dandy for gays (as a way of leading into discussion). I say we should give him some credit for being on a learning curve - and try to encourage him and see the importance of telling sexual stories in late modernity (there's something of the sociologist about this mary).

At 20:01, Blogger Suzy said...

There is another blog post in all of this - especially about whether Ryan is really as ignorant as he makes out - I have been thinking of Gay Byrne a lot the last few days and how he handled gay issues - albeit in a different epoch. I do think Ryan's masculinity is constantly threatened in the way he has repsonded to gay issues in the past year or so. But I don't think he is half as thick as he makes out and he devil advocates really poorly.


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