Friday, September 19, 2003


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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Justice Laffoys letter is published /The Irish Times have the full text of her letter up on their site. I know someone who has already appeared before the Judge. He cannot talk about what happened (I really fail to see why they are shutting up the survivors after years of secrecy), but he did say that the Justice was a kind fair woman who looked out for him under huge pressure from the church's lawyers.
This story looks like its died which I think is such a shame. The Government get away with taking away peoples rights again.

One of the many continuing stories from 9/11

An article in the NYBLADE ONLINE shows us that lgbt partners of those who died still face huge hurdles in getting on with their lives and being recognised as partners, survivors etc.

Let Me Get This Straight...

Go have a look at this blog -great source of news and views on queer happenings in US etc
Let Me Get This Straight...